DAO Capital Fund

DAO Governance decides over asset management. Users can deposit their own funds as well.

Light rewards for depositors, distributed per season based on collected points.

DAO Venture Capital Fund

Light's own venture capital fund fuelled by the treasury and user deposits. Users can deposit assets for the DAO to invest in promising venture rounds, focussing on seed rounds.

DAO Trading Funds

Traders can import their wallet's trading performance or deposit assets and trade through their own fund contract. Users can deposit their own assets into the funds of traders, giving the traders free leverage and the depositors increased yield.

Light Incentive Rewards

Light incentives are distributed among users of the protocol in seasons. ea rebum.

Lights holders spann across6000+wallets pre-migration, only on Binance Smart Chain.

Light raised over$10Mas an Incubator, for projects such as MELD.

Light will migrate its native token to Ethereum in 2024 and release a whole new product. Early migration deposits earn extra rewards for the migration.

Powering our core

Light's vibrant community.